Winding Down The PlayGround

August 25, 2020

In the coming month we will begin winding down operation of the CNY PlayGround. We've met many great Lifestyle Peeps and had a blast hosting and promoting. We will be moving to a mobile chat based GroupMe Group App instead of a website to keep things going. Look for the re-branded Group info here coming soon. This will be a Moderated Open Public​ Group which will have Event posting, the option for members to create their own events and "hot dates" as well as info, banter, lifestyle chat and more. It will be less costly and easier to maintain as well as usable across multiple platforms. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Virtual Gatherings

May 10, 2020

This time of Social Distancing with all parties & events being cancelled is tough on everyone. We at CNYPG have decided to host some "Virtual Mixers" and "Virtual Parties" so our members and fellow Lifestyler's can keep in touch without touching!  No, it's not nearly as fun as the real thing, but it's a way for peeps to chat with old friends and maybe even make a new connection through a live group setting! Follow the link to watch for upcoming events and get full details on how to participate and join the fun!

COVID-19 Impact on Events

March 19, 2020

As you know the coronavirus (COVID19) has been wreaking havoc on conferences, festivals, tours, education, and work, causing cancellations all over the world. Lifestyle events are no different and with the ever changing ordinances and requirements being put in place by Federal, State and Local authorities you are going to see most Clubs & Groups taking responsible actions and cancelling or otherwise postponing events until such a time when the threat of transmission for this virus is under control. Yes, we do feel there is a certain amount of overt and undue panic, but that said precautions do need to be taken and adhered to. We will continue to post links to various groups we support and their pages for updates.

Big News! CNYPG Joins IPG in Syracuse!

March 22, 2019

Join CNY PlayGround as we team with IPG on November 16th, 2019 for a FULL HOTEL TAKEOVER in East Syracuse! You heard right, Syracuse finally has an option for a true venue takeover with multiple groups offering a full schedule of events and activities! IPG is the LARGEST CLUB in The Northeast with over 7800 members spanning the Tri-State area. If you've been to an IPG Event then you know what they have to offer. If you haven't and only attended local events then prepare to be blown away!


CNYPG will be hosting a Pre-Party Meet & Mingle to make those connections as well as a theme room and various mini parties. Topless Travel will be hosting an Indoor Pool Party and various other clubs & groups will have options throughout the Event. You can literally enjoy multiple "Parties Within A Party".  Stay Tuned for full details, links, and ticket options as soon as they are available! We hope to see everyone there for this EPIC Event! 

CNYPG Shifts Focus

March 01, 2019

We at CNY PlayGround will be on hiatus from hosting paid private events at this time. The CNY area has seemingly shifted in what it wants out of the lifestyle. Most seem to be content with groups/clubs charging $40-90 for a "party" where nothing is actually provided other than a venue to "hook-up" at.  We will be instead shifting our focus on attending/co-hosting/reviewing and working with those groups who deliver a truly fun overall experience and provide what they advertise. We want to work with and support options all over the Tri-State Area with organizations that grasp the Lifestyle isn't a monopoly, but all about sharing.   We  have links up and events listed for all those interested. As we expand our website to offer more options, we will invite ANY group or organization that wishes to share content, links & info for the LS Community. We will continue to offer Open Public Meet & Mingle Events or General Mixers.

New Public Chat Group!

June 29, 2018

Update as or March 2020! Revamping is happening for the chat group...Standby for more info and a new link!

Check Out Our New Public Chat Group & Come Play in Our SandBox! Talk With Other Peeps, See Upcoming Events & More!


Also, please be aware that someone is using our name on Kik without authorization and has a Kik Group called "CNY Playground". THIS IS NOT US!  We shut down our Kik presence a while ago because of the constant drama and issues that stemmed from it. Anything occurring on that forum is not sanctioned by or affiliated with our Official Group.

General Group Disclaimer

August 04, 2017

CNYPG & CNY PlayGround loves to co-host and sponsor other groups events on our site in support of the lifestyle community. We enjoy providing things to do and places to go for our fellow PlayGrounder's. That said, we can NOT expressly endorse any said group. Their events are THEIR events. We are not directly affiliated with them unless otherwise indicated. We are careful to associate with groups who provide what they promise and try to deliver an overall good experience, but can't be held responsible for the activity, presentation, or venue at those events.

News & Update Page

May 27, 2017

We are replacing the monthly Newsletter with a News & Updates Page. We will continue to send out email blasts via SwingLifestyle (SLS) with event and group info as well. You can always feel free to Contact Us anytime with questions.

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